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Off the Rails™

1 usd

Imagine designing a roller coaster while you’re riding it!Off the Rails™ is a unique game that allows you to build complex roller coasters in real time by simply tilting your screen. Create loops, corkscrews, barrel rolls, jumps and more while earning 75+ different game objectives. Save your coaster creations and ride them again and again with your choice of 14 different vehicles.
The game features stunning 3D graphics, colorful scenery and a powerful 3D physics simulator. Take a break from the game to visit the learning section where you can learn about centripetal force, G-forces and why roller coaster loops are teardrop shaped instead of circular.
Enjoy hours of fun creating the roller coasters of your dreams!
FEATURES:- Create up to 5 player profiles- Choose from 14 different vehicles- Complete more than 75 game objectives- Learn about roller coaster physics- Save your favorite roller coasters - Two different roller coaster types- Intuitive game controls- 3D physics simulator- Realistic sound effects
PRIVACY DISCLOSURE:Off the Rails™:- Does not contain 3rd party ads.- Does not contain in-app purchases.- Does not contain integration with social networks.- Does not use 3rd party analytics / data collection tools.